Elliott’s Tech Show was formed by myself Elliott Veares in 2010 where I discussed the technology related news and gave you my opinion on related products.

I then started a local College in 2011, where I then gave my tech show up and abandoned it until now (24th May 2015) do to college and other personal commitments. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing my Tech Show back and will start to create content for it again.

One of my first and most important jobs is to set up this new website and transfer all my old content from my website hosted on webs.com (http://elliotttechshow.webs.com/), as well as to organize and sort my locally stored content.

Additionally the related social media channels including  YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more will also be redesigned and coming back.


In the mean time, I welcome you to my new site in which I will be updating it regularly over the coming weeks; so stay tuned and keep an eye out as I update it.

Lastly, in the mean time you may contact me here.


Last Edited: 24/05/15