Apple’s Hardware Refresh

While it’s not a major release of brand new hardware, creator of fashionable gadgets apple has graced its fan-boys with an update to its range of desktop computers as well as the release of a touch enabled pointing device.


Earlier today the firm closed its online store to prepare for the update, which some had been expecting for some time. Many of the rumours dreamt up by over-eager fan-boys were inaccurate; however apple did announce that its imac range will feature Intel’s latest core i3 processors. There is also a quad-core core i5 model for those not happy about spending a fortune on a desktop machine while only getting the i3 chip intended for bargain basement tin boxes.

Also the high-priced Mac pro, often the core of apple jokes, received major surgery with hexa-core inlet xeon chips mated together with an AMD Radeon HD 5770 graphics card as standard. Take a moment to realise that a £2,000 machine that is pitched as a workstation doesn’t even have a workstation’s grade graphics card, nor is the “customer grade” Radeon HD 5770 graphics card the top of AMD’s graphics card range.

Apple has saved that as an optional extra, with the Radeon HD 5870 available at an added cost. Still, at least it’s an option. Nvidia fermi based GTX 4xx graphics cards are nowhere to be found on the Mac pro line. 


For those feeling particularly flush, apple also announced the availability of a 512 GB solid state drive (SSD) with the option of specifying up to four in a single Mac pro. Apple claims that the SSD’s provide up to “two times faster than the average performance of a standard hard disk drive.” That’s absolutely great, that is if you happen to have your own gold mine, as they do come at a very high price.


Finally Apple released the magic track-pad, a stand alone track-pad control device. Akin to a laptop’s track-pad, the device will bring multi-touch interaction to desktop users. Clearly the firm realised it could not milk any more money out by redesigning its minimalist single button mouse over and over again. The track-pad also known as the slab of metal allows the firm to peddle its own battery charger, which no doubt will be snapped up by eager fan-boys who want Apple’s logo on every single object they own.

Also, those thinking of buying apple’s latest products might want to hold off for a small while, as its online store hasn’t been updated yet to reflect all of the changes in its product line.


Yours sincerely – Elliott Veares 


Originally posted: 27/07/2010

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