Google Chrome – Is it going to dominate?

To all my fans out there, i want to know what you think about Googles web browser – Google Chrome. Google chrome is a web browser that has been out for a few years but has become incredibly popular over the last year. It is also available in an open source version/project called “Chromium”.
One thing for sure in my opinion and that is that Google chrome versions will likely be in the double figures by next year, as Google said they will be releasing new and stable versions of it every 6 weeks. The purpose of this is to make new features available as soon as they are created. It also seems that Google may be trying to dominate the market like they try and do with everything else, while Microsoft only release new versions of their web browser every 18-24 months and Mozilla only twice a year. It looks like Google are going to succeed in stealing the gap in the market.
But this is not all good news due to the pace that they are managing to release new versions, is likely to result in creating really annoying bugs and problems with it as they try and rush the beta versions out; although bugs are not often found in stable versions of Chrome. With more features, more complexity , etcetera;  this would usually mean that more bugs will crop up that the developers have to fix.
Finally, what will happen when chrome passes version 9.xx?  In comparison, software for the windows operating system traditionally  rarely goes above version 9, but instead adds extra decimal places (i.e. ver If the the described pace of chrome versions holds out to be true, then it will yield double digits of the version numbers by the middle of next year, meaning it wont be to long to see how it all pans out.


Yours sincerely – Elliott Veares 


Originally posted: 26/07/2010

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