Has the iPhone 4 Gone Wrong Again?

You would not believe it, but apple could be facing another potential design problem with the new and latest iPhone.

The utilization of slip-on protective cases designed and created for the iPhone 4 can cause potential scratches on its glass back panel that ultimately could lead to cracks that cause the shattering of its glass back what is so called “GlassGate”. This information is from sources inside and outside of Apple.

Particles of debris such as grit and dirt can get trapped between the rear of the phone and the case, resulting in the scratches that could ultimately result in fracture the glass, although there apparently have been no complaints about this scenario ever having occurred – at least none that have been made public. Also there have been suggestions that the rubber bumper case to rectify the problem with the “Antenna Flaw” could also cause scratches leading to the glass shattering.

Skepticism seems to be a common reaction to the report, but personally I would have though the problem would have shown up allot by now and would be wide spread; but obviously it has not and whether that’s because it is a gradual problem or not, I don’t know.

Of course, one might assume that Apple had thoroughly tested the iPhone 4’s antenna before it was released, which it acknowledged as a problem only after denying any such problems for a long period of time and this could very well be a similar thing. With other minor flaws such as yellow spots or bands appearing in the fist few days of it release, the iPhone 4 could be facing a hard time and may result in a bad public image. Whether its just jinxed or that the structural and functional design stage was overlooked, the fact is the situation it is not helping consumers faith in the iPhone 4’s reliability.

This possible account of the “GlassGate” issue has not yet been confirmed by Apple as most likely they are trying to hush it down until more is known, or at least thats what I think could be a possibility.

More Info is available at: http://www.intomobile.com/2010/10/08/glassgate-iphone-4/


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Originally posted: 13/10/2010

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