Is Music Getting Worse and is it Starting To Suck?

I think the answer to this question is unfortunately yes, due to how society has changed over the years.

First and in my opinion, the recording industry today has become way too hungry & fanatical with profits. Record labels today simply sign artists that will make them the most money, even if they have little or no talent. Additionally many performers today care more about their spot in the lime light and profits, than creating good and heart melting music. 

I also believe that many individuals and groups that want to actually make good music with meaningful lyrics are encouraged to conform to today’s norms and are discouraged from being the unique artists they truly are. And no matter how good you are, if you are over the age of 30, then you forget it as you will struggle immensely to get a record deal with a major label!

On the other side and in my opinion, people in the world are becoming increasingly poor listeners. We don’t listen to one another, and we are losing the ability to really listen to music. Our attention spans are getting shorter, and people are becoming more impressed with visual impressions made by the artists (i.e. Lady Gaga). We like videos instead of songs; and we like artists because they are sexy, not because they are talented. 


Also I believe that people are using computers, Auto-Tune, and technology way to much! For a start; trying to copy big hits of the 80’s is not the way to go, as you will never get the same feel with the modern attitude of people. Computers and Auto-Tune are now being used so much that they are overused in my opinion; if you can’t sing, then either get vocal lessons or simply just don’t sing! Using auto-tune is not the solution to the problem as this only leads to a unrealistic, annoyingly false, unnatural sound that sounds over sterile. Another problem I have is they also use computers to create songs that are comprised mainly of sampled effects. Note, this is different from synthesizers that were popular in the 80’s due to that the sampled effects used in today’s music are not picked and chosen carefully enough to complement the rest of the music, but instead the samples are bashed together to result in music lacking a good sense of melody, timing and harmony.


Another issue is that due to most people are listing to music on their phones instead of on a traditional Hi-Fi system, a lot of people are consequentially missing out on the wonderful experience of listing to a album progress all the way through as the artiest intended. Plus another issue is that due to the lack of artists using real guitarists, keyboardists, bassists, etc…, the digital samples they are using to replace traditional band members in turn creates the sense of a hard, ridged, brittle and unnatural timing of the music.


Today, we hear nothing but a beat or a rhythm track, and we tell ourselves “that’s music!”. Maybe it’s because it’s so simple to imitate the artists and thus feel we are making music ourselves, just like they are. We tell ourselves if we master “Guitar Hero”, or even if we play “Air Guitar”, we are great musicians.

It’s sad in my opinion. Still, I would like to encourage you to keep real music alive! Continue to listen to it, make it yourself if you can, and support artists that do! Let’s continue to hold to a higher standard than most people around us. Let’s hope that as more and more people are exposed to real music, that they will come to their senses and start to understand what they are missing!

On the up side there is a tiny bit of good music if you know where to look, but it is quite rare and is definitely not in mainstream market + allot of popular modern singers can sing but let them self’s down with all the technology . I wish the 70’s-90’s would come back where true music existed!



Yours sincerely – Elliott Veares 


Originally posted: 20/08/2010

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