Sony builds Google TV Into it’s LCD TV’s

Recently Sony announced it’s first High Definition television with Google TV capability’s built in.  For relative comparison, Google the all time search engine giant launched it’s first TV with internet and web browsing capability’s in 2010.

The “Sony Internet TV” will be obtainable in 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 46-inch models with prices in the US ranging from $599.99 to $1,399.99 depending on size and specs when it becomes available in Autumn; European release dates and prices have not yet been revealed.

Also last week, Logitech unveiled a $299.99 Google TV set-top that can be connected to a traditional TV, what may be a competitor to Sony’s integrated Google’s based system within the television itself. The corporation has also introduced a $399.99 Blu-Ray disc player based on the platform, which can of course be used in-line with existing TVs.

Goggle TV comes packed with the Google Chrome web browser which is installed on top of an Android based incarnation that’s been taken to an Intel Atom system with a chip intended specifically for consumer electronics devices. The plan is to combine the internet with your television, offering an all in one interface for organizing, searching and viewing broadcast TV – as well as browsing the web in the traditional fashion.

The project has also been seen by some as a copy of Google’s original Android project. Google is also providing a free, and partly open source platform to third-party manufacturers in a bid to expand its online add empire. At the moment, Google does serve ads into the Google TV interface and the platform currently just shows ads that you would normally see on the web or on a normal television, but it makes sense that the company will one day use the device as a means of improving its ad targeting. Google has hinted this for years that this is the goal.

Moving on, Goggle TV can also run some small applications from third-parties, including CNBC, Napster, NBA, Netflix, Pandora, and Twitter.  Early next year Google will also open a special version of the Android app marketplace for the TV platform.

Sony  additionally offers a wireless mini-keyboard for navigating its TVs and, eventually you will also be able to control the device via your Android based Smartphone.

Lastly all of the devices can now be pre-ordered at the SonyStyle online store, as well as at Best-Buy retail outlets. They will officially ship on the 16th October.

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Originally posted: 06/11/2010

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