Privacy Policy

The following are the privacy policies for Grotto Tree that are accurate as of the 12th November 2014; Grotto Tree reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

General Website Privacy Policy:

This site ( relies on a number of technology's to ensure that your browsing experience is optimal and everyone equally benefits from this site, and as such this site stores cookies on your computer.

When using this site, no personal data will be collected from you without your direct consent and any personal data collected from you such as by the use of the contact from or direct email will be handled in accordance to the 1998 data protection act.

This means Grotto Tree will only keep your personal data you directly send us for the time required, and will be kept in a safe and secure fashion where only those authorised will have access to it. Additionally your data will never be passed to 3rd parties.

Note, additionally while Grotto Tree collects metadata from all users for statistical and performance reasons, no data including metadata other than that what is obtained by the contact form or direct email is revealing about personal addresses or other personal identifiable details. Furthermore the geo-location map does not reveal your exact physical location and cannot be used to track you.

Note that this anonymous metadata is solely used for statistical (including the geo-location map) and performance management purposes and can not reveal your exact location or any other sensitive information. Lastly, Grotto Tree cannot be legally held responsible for any data collected by 3rd party sites outside of its control.

Cookie Policy:

Cookies are small text based files that are placed on your computer, what are used to help the website run more efficiently, improve your experience using this site, and to assist the owners of this site with useful statistical information.

By using this site, you are agreeing to that Grotto Tree and any 3rd party websites incorporated on this site may store cookies on your computer for your and their benefit. Note that any data collected during the process of storing cookies on your computer can not reveal your exact location and does not contain any personal information like addresses or telephone numbers.

Should you want to delete or disable cookies from being stored on your computer; open your browsing history/data settings on your web browser, select the cookie option and then clear/delete the data. For more specific help, see one of the links below.

Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer

Deleting cookies in Google Chrome

Deleting cookies in Mozzilla FireFox

Deleting cookies in Opera

Deleting cookies in Safari

Note: Due to the various versions of diffrent web brosers used, the instructions provided by the links above may not work. Please see this link or your web broswers help and support section for further help on deleting cookies.

Lastly regarding cookies, Grotto Tree uses cookies to both improve the overall experience to people using this site and to allow features provided by 3rd parties to work. Cookies on this site include those stored by Google Analytics, Piwik, and Grotto Tree it's self what are used for statistical, management and performance purposes.