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Recent updates, bug-fixes and changes.

06/11/15 - Preparation for 2015's Grotto Tree began.
19/11/15 - Cam was turned on and made live on setup page.
19/11/15 - Premotion video for 2015's Grotto Tree was made and uploaded to YouTube.
23/11/15 - Physical setup for 2015's Grotto Tree began.
23/11/15 - Improvments to servers config file were made to increase peformance.
23/11/15 - Changed X10 House code from G to P as ended up programinng all X10 modules in house code P by mistake.
24/11/15 - Physical setup for 2015's Grotto Tree finished.
27/11/15 - PTZ controls for cam disabled as set-up has been completed.
27/11/15 - Pictures uploaded to Picasa, TimeLapse video uploaded to YouTube, Links updated.
29/11/15 - Updated the Grotto Tree Manual.
30/11/15 - Grotto Tree went fully live.
30/11/15 - Updated view counter, now fully in-house based.
30/12/15 - Announce that 2015 will be the last year for Grotto Tree.
02/01/16 - Decorations taken down, X10 controls & Webcam disabled. Comment form also disabled.